Tuesday, 1 February 2011

A Bit of a Mishmash

First, separated at birth?

Second, another celebrity dream. This one starring some of the cast of Jersey Shore and Kelsey Grammer. (Yes, I know - I watch too much trainwreck tv.)

So I lived in a house with some members of Jersey Shore. The living room was round, and it was all white. Futuristic-looking. (Why is it we equate round and white with the future? Or could I have been channeling Woody Allen's Sleeper?) Snooki the meatball, Jwoww and Pauly D were there. Not very much happened in that house but things happened when we were at a studio, doing a sitcom that Kelsey Grammer was producing. At one point there was a rather odd sex scene between me, Pauly D and Jwoww that is physically impossible. Then I stepped out of the shower when I heard some commotion and Snooki and Jwoww entered the room. Snooki kept yelling "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU DID THAT!" and continued to admonish Jwoww for whatever happened on the set. I walked in and asked what happened. Jwoww was waiting to say her lines then got bored and started to dance around like a small dog on its hind legs. Kelsey Grammer asked her what she was doing and she whined, "I'm BORRRRED! I'm so BORRRRED!" He told her to stop dancing around and whining, but she wouldn't. Snooki finally dragged her into the dressing room. I gave Jwoww a lecture about how Kelsey Grammer is a very powerful tv producer so she better go out there and make things right with him. He didn't seem too interested in her apology and was thinking about shelving the sitcom altogether.

Third, I start a gradual return to work Feb 14th (first week one day, second week two days, etc). I won't be returning to the job I had when I started my sick leave; I'll be going to another department. I hope it will be less stressful. Kind of freaking out about the thought of returning, but I know it has to happen sometime. I just don't want to feel so overwhelmed anymore.

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