Saturday, 5 February 2011

The One With Ben Affleck

Another celebrity dream. (Note - I don't dream only of these people, I also have nightmares about work.)

This time I found myself walking towards Ben's home. Among the Hollywood mansions it looked strange because it was a Cape Cod-type home, painted light blue. I approached the driveway and as I did, Ridley Scott ran out of the garage with Ben in tow on a dolly of some type and he (Ben) had cables coming out from either side of his abdomen. Ridley yells out, "He's having a heart attack! I need to give him some power!" So he plugged him into an outdoor cable outlet - you know, the kind of thing on the back of your tv that has the red, yellow, and white holes? Yeah, well that was at the side of the house instead of a regular electrical outlet. By this time a small crowd had gathered. Ridley turned, pointed at me and said, "You. The kids are still inside. Can you take care of them while I take Ben to the hospital? I've already called an ambulance." I walked past the undulating Ben while Ridley cried, "It isn't enough power! We're losing him!" As I rounded the corner to the backyard, the ambulance arrived and I noticed an even larger crowd.

In the backyard was an above-ground swimming pool. I thought that was strange seeing as they could afford an in-ground one, but no matter. I looked through the patio doors and couldn't see anyone inside. I leaned against the pool and wondered where the girls were. Suddenly Jennifer Garner ran out to me and asked, "Where's Ben?" I told her what happened. She became angry and asked, "When did this happen?" I said, "You couldn't hear the commotion? There were a lot of people outside, Ridley was yelling, and the ambulance came." She told me they were in the boathouse. I found that odd since they weren't anywhere near water, then she pointed up. I looked up and the house had a protruding 2nd floor, but when I craned my neck I saw a 3rd floor that was rounded by a bay window overlooking the backyard. On each side was a round window, which did give it an appearance of a tugboat. It was the children's playroom. Apparently they couldn't hear anything up there. So once again I was asked to stay and take care of them.


  1. Weird. I once had a dream about Ed O'Neill... THAT kind of dream, which took me a while to recover from... !

  2. LOL! Did he say "28, 29, 30, I'm outta here!"? Probably the only line I remember from Married With Children.