Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Celebrity Dreams

One interesting thing about taking Cymbalta - it gives some rather vivid dreams. I've had some doozies, mostly nightmares about work. Basically it's always a maze I'm running through, trying to get somewhere. Sometimes I get in trouble. They always give me feelings of anxiety.

But some dreams are rather entertaining. For some reason, celebrities have infiltrated my REM sleep. Yes, I like celebrity gossip but I normally don't dream about them. I once had a dream that I was a naked David Bowie walking downhill in the middle of a street on a sunny day with mirrored storefronts on one side. That was interesting. And it was a long time ago.

There are 2 dreams I don't remember very well - one was of the late Bea Arthur attacking my husband. She tried to choke him. I can't remember why. Ben Affleck showed up in a dream, but I can't remember that one anymore. The one below is what started the celebrity dream spree. I have no idea why because I was never a fan of Grey's Anatomy.

Katherine Heigl was living with a friend of mine and I had crashed there after a party. She and my friend had to leave because they were setting up for American Thanksgiving. My friend invited me to stay. I asked if my husband and son could come. Katherine, without turning around to look at me, said "Well, if they have to come, I suppose they could." I took that as a no so I declined. My friend asked me to stay so I accepted. They were supposed to wait for someone to come in and fix the phone for the intercom system in their condo. I offered to stay so they could get what they needed. I was wearing a long t-shirt. I decided to take a shower and got my panties off. For some reason I went out by the door and sat down on the floor. While I was there, the electrician arrived. I felt very embarrassed because I didn't know if he could tell I wasn't wearing underwear. He fixed the phone then left. When I got up off the floor, my friend and Katherine Heigl came back, but suddenly the living room had turned into a gospel church, complete with choir. There were a lot of people there, and I spied my panties that somehow were on the couch, which had turned into a side pew. They were quite noticeable and there were a group of elderly people near them. I tried to get through the crowd as quickly as possible while they were up and dancing. The minister leading the congregation was a woman about my age and she was smiling as she took my hand and thanked me for coming. As I made it to the side pews, two elderly women looked me up and down and laughed. One said, "Oooh, girl! Been there, done that!" Dream ended just as I was about to reach my panties.

The latest one happened the night before. I was standing on a subway platform waiting for the subway but also shooting a dance video (I have zero dance skills in waking life). There were four of us lined up, equally spaced apart. I was the second person and to my right was Miranda Cosgrove, Carly from iCarly (my son's celebrity crush). As we were standing in our winter coats with the lights on us and people watching, I farted. It was quiet, but it stunk enough that I waved my hand sideways and said to her, "Move away." She understood and we both stepped back so the person on her right got the full brunt of the smell, and we laughed.

I think this is the first time I've smelled something in a dream.