Saturday, 21 February 2009

What's a TV Star to Do on Oscar Weekend?

Jennifer Love-Hewitt and her phallic croissant celebrated her 30th birthday today by dressing up as Audrey Hepburn and posed in front of Tiffany's in Beverly Hills. Really? She played Audrey in a forgettable tv "biopic" nine years ago. NINE. 

I think I can understand, Jen. You're 30. Recently single (but may have already hooked up). Maybe you had a large party planned, but the Academy Awards dares to overshadow any chance of major paparazzi coverage. You probably woke up early this morning thinking hey, I played a real actress with an iconic role! I need to remind the world.

I give you big ups for having the balls to do something like this. I wish this was done because someone had dared you to do it, and you and your friends would be laughing your asses off at the audacity. That would be funny. Otherwise, it's just embarrassing.

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