Friday, 23 August 2013

More of 100 Best 26 - 50

26. Star Trek - The Wrath of Khan

This is my favourite Star Trek movie. Ricardo Montalbon is pretty sexy for an old guy, and we get to hear Kirk yell, "KHAAAAAAAN".

27. The Great Escape

If you haven't seen this movie, please do. Based on a true story how 70 prisoners of war carefully planned their escape from a Stalag. Exciting to watch, and Steve McQueen rides a motorcycle to freedom. Watch it before the BBC does a TV remake.

28. La Grande Seduction

I love Qu├ębecois cinema. This is one of my favourites. A very sweet movie about a small island community that tries to woo a doctor into staying there by pulling out all the stops from building a cricket pitch (because they found out beforehand he likes cricket), to wiretapping his phone, to leaving $5 bills lying around the area. It's hilarious and touching.

29. Bambi

Probably the one movie in my entire life that has evoked so many tears. When I was 6 years old, we had movie time in the school library. The movie was Bambi. When Bambi's mother dies and he's walking around calling for her, I burst into tears. I cried so hard, the teacher made me leave the area and sit in another part of the library by myself until I calmed down. I never saw the rest of the movie until Christmas of the year it came on on VHS (1997 or 1998?). I was watching with The Husband (who was The Boyfriend at the time) on a day when my PMS was particularly bad. Of course, I shed tears again "when the guy stopped drawing the deer", but when the hunters shot at the father further on in the film I cried out, "THEY KILL HIS FATHER, TOO?!????" That's when The Husband said in a firm voice, "Go in the kitchen. Make me a coffee. Now." He thought if I removed myself from the room I'd calm down. It worked that time, but only after much crying and sniffling.

30. Finding Nemo

How can you not love a movie about a father who would do anything to find his missing son? The first 5 times we saw this movie (not an exaggeration), The Husband claimed he had "dust" in his eyes.

31. Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

This movie made me cry every time I've seen it so far. Good music. If you knew the world was going to end soon, what would you do in the time leading up to it?

32. Away From Her

Touching story about an elderly couple still very much in love, but the husband has to put the wife in a home because of her advancing Alzheimer's. Filmed in Lake of Bays in Muskoka.

33. The Notebook

I still think Like Water for Chocolate is the most romantic movie of all time. This one isn't bad though, despite it being a Nicholas Sparks story. I like this movie for the story, as opposed to the eye candy. (And doesn't that just sound like "I read Playboy for the articles".)

34. Apollo 13

This is the first movie that Tom Hanks made me forget that he is Tom Hanks. Great acting, great story, all very well done.

35. Henry V

If you're a fan of Shakespeare, you must see this movie. Kenneth Branagh sticks pretty close to the play - he just moved a couple of soliloquies around. (Yes, I did watch and read at the same time.) This movie has the most brutal fight scene ever filmed, I believe. It's how it must have been back in the times of swordplay in a rain-soaked field.

36. The Exorcist

I read the book when I was 9 years old. I had been staying with my father for part of a summer, so I spotted this on his bookshelf and snuck in reads the few times he wasn't around. When he caught me, he simply asked what I thought of it, and if I had any questions or became afraid, I could talk to him about it. I was okay with it. By the time I saw the movie, it didn't frighten me as much as I thought it would (I remember when it came out in the theatres there were reports of people fainting, or running out of the theatre screaming), but that scene where she turns her head 360 degrees and you hear the bones cracking? That freaked me out.

37. Rosemary's Baby

I find this movie more frightening than The Exorcist. Probably because The Exorcist was some unseen force controlling one person. This is a whole group of people conspiring to bring the Son of Satan into the world.

38. Harold and Maude

If only one movie could be described as quirky, this movie would be it. Offbeat May-December romance of two people who love to attend funerals. Ruth Gordon is hilarious. The hearse converted into a convertible is hilarious. It's another funny yet touching movie on my list.

39. Gladiator

The movie many say was Ridley Scott's last great movie. Everyone did a phenomenal job of acting in this movie - particularly Joaquin Phoenix as the lunatic son who inherits the Roman Empire. My favourite scenes, though, are when the main character, Maximus, begins his walk home and he touches the tips of the wheat. I don't know why, but whenever I'm feeling particularly stressed, I think of those scenes and have Fields of Gold by Sting as the soundtrack in my head (I'm weird - you already know that). Speaking of soundtracks, I bought this one. It's by Lisa Gerard from Dead Can Dance fame. Her voice is incredibly haunting, even live.

40. The Lord of the Rings

I figure I may as well put all three together. Epic, epic stuff. And this is from someone who scoffed at the project when I found out they were going to make a live-action version of this story. I didn't think it could be done. I was wrong.

41. Saving Private Ryan

Gruesomely realistic. But my favourite part of the film is the monologue the medic (played by Giovanni Ribisi) gives about how his mother would look in on him when she came home from work at the hospital, and how he regretted pretending to be asleep whenever she asked if he was awake.

42. Black Robe

This is a fantastic film. About a priest who arrives from France thinking he can "civilize" the natives through the word of God, but he gets more than he bargained for when he's taken further away from civilization.

43. C.R.A.Z.Y.

This is the story of a young man who has "special gifts" - when he prays for someone to get better, they do. He is also gay. The father (who is a huge Patsy Cline fan) suspects, but the eldest brother (who is a drug addict) knows.

44. The Intouchables

This movie got onto my list quickly. The reason being is it treats a quadriplegic as a human being - someone not to be pitied.  The story is about an African man who shows up at an interview as a quadriplegic's helper only because he needs proof that he's been to a job interview in order to continue his employment insurance. The quadriplegic sees something in him, and hires him. The way the two interact, you would think it was really happening, as opposed to two actors saying memorized lines to one another. This is a real gem of a movie.

45. The Red Violin

The story of how a violin has travelled through time, and the world, since its creation. A fortune-teller narrates what she sees in the cards for the wife of the violin maker. I don't want to give too much away in case someone hasn't seen it yet. This is well worth watching.

46. Brain Candy

The Kids in the Hall do a movie about the development of an antidepressant. Hilarity ensues. Really, it does.

47. Starbuck

A guy works for his father's butcher shop. He has a new girlfriend. His family tell her that he is an incredibly generous person - he sent his family on a trip to Italy. They don't know how he managed to afford it. But we do. He donated his sperm. Now all his children have gotten together to find "Starbuck". Before he reveals he's their Dad, he gets to know everyone at a reunion they have. It's a funny and sweet movie. I also seem to recall that I saw a preview for a fall show that sounds eerily similar to the plot of this movie. I don't think it will come across better than this movie.

48. Finding Neverland

The touching story of how Peter Pan came to be. With Johnny Depp, Kate Winslett, and Freddie Hightower. Keep a box of tissues close by.

49. Never Cry Wolf

This movie is based on the book by Farley Mowat, which recounts his experience working for the Canadian government to find out if wolves were to blame for dwindling caribou numbers. He studies the wolves from afar, and gains respect for the species.

50. Team America World Police

America. Fuck yeah. Sure, it's a film starring puppets. But it was filmed with the cinematographer who did The Matrix. The scenes inside Mount Rushmore are absolutely ... lush. Beautiful film. Funny as hell. And if you watch the unrated version, you'll see the dirtiest sex scene ever filmed, live or animated.

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