Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Thought it was time for a revamp

You likey the new look? Me likey.

I'm going in to get my uterus detailed on Wednesday, so I'll write alllll about it. Lately I've had a lot yet little to blog about. Lots going on in the brain, went through some drama that will definitely change relationships within the family, but by the time I can get to the blog it's late and I'm too tired to have coherent thoughts about life and the whole damn thing.

Shaved my head. Did a crap job. Why did I do it? Because I was sick to death of the "wings" I had sprouting on either side of my head. My hair is wavy. Longish hair doesn't look good on me, despite what my hairdresser says. She wanted me to get a body perm. It would still look like shit, just more wavy. She's a lovely human being, but she isn't the best hairdresser I've had.

So right now my hair is super short and crooked. Ah - it grows back. I'll get it cut proper in a couple of weeks. No worries.

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