Tuesday, 28 May 2013

I love my son

And like most mothers, I think my child is awesome. He was on fire last night.

There was supposed to be a karaoke night at his school last Friday night, but because only 20 parents out of the whole school said they would attend, it was cancelled. So last night a Simpson's rerun was on and in it, there was a karaoke night at the school. After Apu finished singing Where Have All The Cowboys Gone, the son says, "No. No way would that happen." The husband asked what he meant. Son blurted out, "Have you heard what you sound like when you sing karaoke??? You sound like Nickelback." He said it with such derision in his voice.

The ultimate insult. Being told you sound like Chad Kroeger.

A little while later we were watching something that prompted the following conversation:

Son:  "Are women really different from men?"
Me:  "We sure are."
Son:  "How?"
Me:  "When it comes to matters of the heart, we tend to overthink things."
Son:  "Well I tend to overthink things, so does that mean I'm a woman?"
Me:  "Of course not. I mean when it comes to love, the woman will be thinking all kinds of things about the two of you, and you'll just be thinking about what's for dinner."

He thought about it for a little while, then decided I was wrong. All I could think was, just wait ...

When he came out in his pyjamas, he asked me if I liked how he paired the top and bottom. He was wearing the skull pyjama pants I bought him (I love skulls, him - not so much), and his Charlie Brown t-shirt that says "I'm just a freaking ray of sunshine, aren't I".

Yes. He is my son. Even if he doesn't like Star Trek.

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