Monday, 7 September 2009


So I said I would update on the uterus bbq.

Things are going well.

I had a discharge for about a month after - just enough for pantyliners, nothing major. For some bizarre reason for about 4 Sunday nights in a row I'd feel nauseous and crampy then have a heavier discharge, but that was it. Nothing when I was supposed to have my period. Had another discharge last weekend, but that was it. I can still get somewhat PMS-y, but it's nothing compared to before. Even the pain in my ovary has dissipated. Took a while, though.

So I had my appointment and I was given a slip of paper to go get another blood test for my ovary. I asked if there was something wrong. The doctor just went, "mmmm nooo ... It's just a precaution." Not sure how to take that. He also told me I need to keep a journal of every time I bleed. I need to mark down when it occurs and how much.

Makes you wonder if some of these obgyns get strange fetishes from the job. Seriously, can you imagine having a bunch of vaginas in your face day in, day out? Aside from the sphincter, that has to be the most unattractive part of the human body.

So there you have it. No more maxi pads! Hopefully I am forever free of those.

I tried to find the Brenda Vaccaro commercial she did years ago for Tampax or Kotex, something like that. The one where you could hear every breath she took between lines. Can't find it on Youtube, but I did find this:

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