Saturday, 8 August 2009

Has anyone seen a Darjeeling Teapot?

Can't get it out of my head.

So my greatest internet love is Crazy Days and Nights. Yes, I'm on facebook. A lot. But that's like crack, or smoking - sometimes you just don't want to do it but the urge pulls you back in.

Anyway, the host of CDaN, Enty Lawyer, posts a Your Turn every Friday where he asks his readers various things like favourite songs, wedding stories, wrong number stories, etc. Every once in a while he lets people plug their own things. This time one reader, Pamela S., plugged her new home decor store in Savannah, Georgia. The website is Check out the Ceramics and Objects section and look at that Darjeeling teapot.

I love it. I've been wanting a proper teapot for a while. This will stick in my memory as much as the teapot I saw a great many years ago that had a monkey on it. I thought it was done by Royal Doulton, but apparently it's a Majolica teapot:

Sorry, I can't get it any larger than that. Love that teapot. Not the price. 20 years ago it was over $400.

It took a while for me to find that image. Since I thought it was Royal Doulton, I went looking through some of their teapots. I found a kitten teapot below:

Looks like femmy vampire kitty got a stake in its widdle heart.

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